Think of  a really good track, in highest quality Kevlar and nylon, with an aggressive external profile that gives you supreme grip, sliding performance, and stability in any kind of snow – with the optimal surface dimensions (3970 x 500 x 30mm.) you need in a utility snowmobile. Now think about two tracks like this, working side by side: can you imagine the added control and power of such a dual track, with its superior grip, stability, and floating ability?

Can you think of anything better and more reliable for trips in deep snow, on steep slopes, or with heavy loads; wherever grip is low and other machines may lose their hold? The dual-track system is the feature that makes the difference and allows Superclass Mk2 to perform far better than any other utility sleds. Over 19.300 cm2 of track surface is constantly pressed to the ground with the help of ATSS suspension. Our low pressure to the ground, an unbeatable 23 gr/cm2, will delight you in deep, fresh snow. The performance of the Superclass Mk2 will surprise you day after day, meeting all your expectations. Take a trial run and discover the difference yourself… Welcome on board!

The Superclass Mk2 is a real workhorse, the missing link between snowmobiles and the big snowgroomers. Indulge yourself and imagine challenging it with a new task every day. The Superclass Mk2 is the winner in preparing cross-country and sled-dog trails; the “Classic” version is equipped with a specially tuned Hirth engine, with exceptional power and torque even at low rpm. The wide dual-track lay an excellent bed for cross-country  skiing without having to make a second trip around. Thanks to its hauling and towing capacity the Superclass Mk2 will reduce the number of trips taken to restock your mountain resort. You can tow several hundred kilos of timber without difficulty, or tow your caravan to a wilderness lake for ice fishing. It is the best machine for Forest Patrol, Rescue, Avalanche Survey; a reliable vehicle for telephone and electric companies – for everyone who needs to drive far off-road on snow and ice. The Superclass Mk2 was born to work hard, don’t think of it as just any normal snowmobile!