When we think of a Sherpa, we surely imagine a strong man carrying a big load on his back, climbing the sacred heights of Himalayas, step by step, side by side with famous mountaineers to conquer the top of those mysterious and impressive mountains. Natives of these lands, the Sherpas have been an indispensable help to bring all the goods to high altitude, and to arrange the camps for several expeditions. Living their entire life at high altitude, the Sherpa was not subject to problems of acclimatisation, was surely stronger than the western explorers, and with a meek unpretentious personality. Much more importantly in an unfriendly environment, it was a reliable collaborator, working hard for a very cheap salary. In memory to these legendary men, we named our latest model machine the SHERPA. It is designed and manufactured keeping in mind the main and fundamental qualities in which a real Sherpa must have, work hard, in the hardest conditions, at a low cost, in a reliable way. This is the philosophy we have always used from the beginning, and which we fully followed with the new Alpina Sherpa 4-stroke, a machine which makes "old" the concept of a snowmobile. If you have to do a big job, go out with a Sherpa!

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